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Survive against the odds in a bleak and twisted world

The Few is a cooperative survival game, with elements of strategic management, crafting and role-playing. Join with friends or play solo, within a never-ending world of environmental puzzles and combat challenges.

Take your character on a journey through barren landscapes, scavenging resources by day, and making meaningful group decisions by night. Scrape together resources for a needed meal or a handy tool, while balancing the needs of the group above those of the individual.

Make hard decisions over your role and capabilities, often having direct affect on gameplay - the cook role may prevent the first come first serve rush at the cooking pot, but then they have to choose who gets the tin of peaches and who gets the maggoty bread. And who gets none.

Work together, survive together, sometimes even die together

Your group will have a common inventory, a rickety trolley that you wheel from biome to biome. Here you will set up camp, scavenging the local area, much of which has already been picked clean, or overrun with other tribes or survivors.

Each excursion from the safety of the camp risks injury and sickness, but is an opportunity to gain precious and rare materials to help the group thrive. Take multiple trips to the same spot, sometimes solo, and sometimes with friends - it'll take cooperation between the group to solve some challenges and unlock additional caches of resources.

Progress your character, learning new abilities that may help the group. Yet don't become too attached in the world of The Few as death is ever present. When your character goes for the long walk, choose another survivor to wander in from the cold and add new qualities and experiences to the group.

Although bleak and hard, the world is not devoid of comedy, as many have found new affinity with relics of the fallen world. As a survivor you may trade or fight with these groups, not only gaining the odd useful trinket, but an insight into their way of weathering the apocalypse.

You will manage your experience in a zoomed out view of the the whole biome, selecting between sites of interest to scavenge....

...down to the fireside, where through menus and in-world activities you can configure your groups chances of survival.

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